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Tanya Curran Brown

Tanya Curran Brown

author of
Tale of two Titties

Tanya was born in a bush nursing hospital in Toora, Victoria, and moved houses twenty times during her first sixteen years. She is a hairdresser with a wicked sense of humour and a life-long love of theatre, and as a master hairdresser has trained many apprentices who now have their own salons throughout the east coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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  • Coach Yourself Interview with Muffy Churches

    Coach Yourself Interview with Muffy Churches

    BY Brooke Hunter at, May 11th 2016

    Interview with Muffy Churches Author of Coach Yourself by Love&Write Publishing Question: Why did you think it was important to write Coach Yourself?  Muffy Churches: When I first opened my executive coaching business, I spent the first few years basking in the glow of...

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  • Stress Less Have more Fun at Work

    Stress Less Have more Fun at Work

    BY Get It Magazine - May 2016 Muffy Churches, May 11th 2016

    OMG, it’s already Sunday evening and in a matter of hours you’re going to be back in the work slog, so here are some ways to have more fun at work and get over your Monday-it is Monday-itis. It’s not an uncommon sensation to have and it will probably mean that we’ll f...

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  • How to Overcome Nerves and Perform at Your Best, WHEN IT COUNTS!

    How to Overcome Nerves and Perform at Your Best, WHEN IT COUNTS!

    BY Muffy Churches, May 6th 2016

    It’s a typical day at work. Our calendar bulges with meetings, con-calls, presentations and conversations. We’re productive, optimistic, relaxed, confident, and in control. All is flowing in success mode. We’re a seasoned professional, and yet… Why is it, that on the mo...

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  • Interview With The Psychic

    Interview With The Psychic

    BY : Sabrina Muysken for Sydney Observer. First posted October 6th 2015, October 7th 2015

    Interview with the Psychic Words By Sabrina Muysken   The Term ‘Psychic’ evokes a vast array of cliché thoughts. Horoscopes, crystal balls, con-artists, and ghostbusters – for many, these are some of the words that immediately spring to mind. We’ve s...

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  • Interview with Spiritual Medium Kerrie Erwin

    Interview with Spiritual Medium Kerrie Erwin

    BY : Kate-Michelle Von Riegen for Blue Mountain News; First Posted: 20 Aug 2015, September 21st 2015

    This Halloween, the historic Carrington Hotel is inviting local residents and spirits alike, to celebrate the occasion with a delicious three-course meal enjoyed in the company of two gifted Psychics*. Words by: Kate-Michelle Von Riegen One of these mediums is Kerrie Erwin. In the l...

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  • An Interview with Tanya Curran Brown

    An Interview with Tanya Curran Brown

    BY Brooke Hunter for , May 1st 2015

    Interview with Tanya Curran Brown, Author of A Tale of Two Titties Question: What inspired you to write A Tale of Two Titties?  Tanya Curran Brown: My inspiration to write A Tale of two Titties originated from a self help diary, one that the Breast Cancer Foundation had circula...

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